Professional Multifunctional Network survey vehicle is used for Mapping of Highway, Road, and Structure Condition. It survey through Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit mounted on Network survey vehicle. This type of non-destructive testing including inventory and condition assessment is the primary concern of corridor management.

Leica is best in robust professional Multifunctional Network Survey Vehicle System, Our Network Survey Vehicle is based on the latest survey techniques utilizing Laser, Global Positioning System and Video image processing tools. This type of Survey Vehicle is used for automatic collection of road condition related data for Highways safety. The inventory data includes measurement of pavement surface roughness, road geometrics (gradient, horizontal curvature, and cross slope), Rut Depth using Spread Lasers, Sensor Measure Texture Depth, Mean Profile Depth and GPS Coordinates (X, Y, Z) viz. longitude, latitude & altitude etc.

Key Features of the Network Survey Vehicle System are:

  1. High survey speed up to 100 km/hr
  2. Longitudinal (International Roughness Index) and Transverse profiling (Rut Depth) conforming to ASTM standards
  3. Pavement Texture in terms of Mean Profile Depth
  4. Slope, Cross-fall and Radius of curvature
  5. GPS Coordinates (X, Y, Z) viz. longitude, latitude & altitude using DGPS
  6. Video imaging for Roadside furniture / Road Asset
  7. Advanced data processing and reporting software
  8. Real time in-vehicle data acquisition software for display and collection of data from all parameters simultaneously
  9. Post processing software for data analysis and report preparation