Custom Auto Paint Can Make Your Car Look Great

There are a lot of steps involved in the process of a custom car paint job, but once you learn the steps it’s not that difficult. It all comes down to your creativity, and how you see the outcome of the work.

Of course this article begins after the body work is done on the car. Keep n mind that the better you do the body work, the better the paint will look in the end. With that in mind the first thing that I always do is to check the body work on the car.

When people think of car paint work; they usually don’t think first of the body work, they look at the outcome of the paint work on the car. I This in my opinion is the first mistake that most people make when custom painting their car.

A check of the body work may take all of one hour, and in the end it will help to insure that the paint looks great when it’s done. There is no great secret to checking the accuracy of the body work on the project, first make sure that the car is clean.

After you know that the car is clean; you can do your quality check of the body work on the car. I do this by putting a thin tissue or cloth between my had and the car, and that I begin to feel for high spots, or low spots in the body work on the project.

The cloth or tissue between my hand and the car make it easier to feel flaws in the body work on the car. If I find any problems I then use a Sharpie to circle them so I can fix them before I paint the car. After fixing the problems it is necessary to prime and sand those areas again.

Then I clean the entire body surface of the car again. This is the point where you need to have a good idea of how you want the car to look when it’s done. There are so many options for how custom car paint can look, the plan needs to be done just right.

This is the point when you begin to lay out your custom car paint work, this is the longest parts of the process and it must be done just right. If your going to use a lot of colors and depths of paint to create your ultimate paint work.

Custom paint is all about the masking, and the prep time that you spend on the project. Especially if your dealing with candy apple, chameleon, or some other really specialized type of auto paint. These paints cost a lot of money, and you do not need to have a redo on any of it.

Know you lay out to the tee, do not change your mind in the middle of the work. There is no doubt that you need to pay absolute attention to what you are doing if you plan to get it right the first time. I will list a few steps below now, and in the next post I will cover it in depth.

Steps to do custom car paint work:

1. Plan the project, you can never do do much planning.
2. Quality check the body work, this will insure that your work looks great.
3. Make sure that you plan a budget for the project, this is not a cheap undertaking.
4. Make sure that you have all of the tools, and supplies that you need to do the project.
5. If this is you first time doing this type of paint work, get help if possible.
6. Make sure that the car is clean before you do any paint work.
7. The last step before you paint the car is to seal it, this tales care of small scratches and imperfections.
8. After 1/2 hour of dry time tack cloth the sealer, and your ready to spray the paint.

If you follow these simple steps you should create a great looking custom auto paint job. I’m by no means stating that this is am easy process; although it can be very rewarding if your a person who has the time and patience to complete the project.

Custom Auto Upholstery – Boat Covers? Really?

If you’re one of those people for whom a car is much more than simply a means of conveyance, then you probably have a car cover. But do you give your boat the same consideration? Unlike car covers, which can be ordered for nearly any make and model, boat covers aren’t as easy to find, and if you’re in the market for one, to protect your investment, your custom auto upholstery specialist can help you.

The reasons for buying a custom boat cover are largely the same reasons you bought the cover for your car. To protect the craft both from the elements (sun, dust, ice), and from animals that may inadvertently do damage to the vehicle (cats, dogs, birds, etc). Like a car cover, a boat cover can only do its job effectively if the craft is clean before the cover goes over it, and if the cover itself is properly fitted to the craft itself.

If the cover doesn’t fit properly, then it provides inadequate protection, giving the very things you’re trying to keep out a convenient way in.

For this reason, if you’re going to invest in a boat cover, I’d recommend having one made that’s custom fitted to your particular craft. Fortunately, any auto upholstery specialist worth his salt will also work with boats and other pleasure craft, and can custom make you a cover to your boat’s exact specifications. There will be no doubt of the fit, and when you’re vehicle is not in use, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve given it the very best protection you can give it.

Custom auto upholstery need not be confined to the car only, and definitely need not be confined to just the interior. As a means of protecting your investment, a custom boat cover is an extremely cost effective investment that will keep your boat looking newer, longer. It is also only one of a great many things your custom auto upholstery specialist can do for you.

Custom Auto Interior – 3 Reasons to Consider Seat Re-Covering

Having your car’s seats re-done/re-covered is a fairly large custom auto interior project, but even so, it is generally reasonably price and well worth doing. There are three primary reasons for having your car’s seats re-done/re-covered, and we’ll cover them in brief, below:

1 – If you want to update your vehicle and give it a fresh look, the seats are generally the biggest, most eye catching part of the interior of the car. If you can only afford to have one thing done, this will make the biggest visible difference for the money spent.

2 – If you’re restoring a classic car and want to return it to original “off the showroom floor” condition, you’ll almost certainly need the services of a specialist. That’s a big, intricately detailed job, and not one that many people can do on the fly. Again, the seats are a major part of the restoration of the interior, and as such, should be a priority.

3 – If you’re taking advantage of existing damage to effect a change. Maybe you’re not looking to drastically alter the look of your car’s interior, or maybe you don’t want to change a thing, but if you’ve got damage and want to fix the vehicle up and extend its useful life, then re-padding and re-covering the seats will certainly help you accomplish your goal!

Remember that re-padding and re-covering your seats is NOT the same thing as having seat covers installed. Seat covers merely go over what’s already there. What we’re talking about is having the old upholstery removed and replaced/updated with new. Totally different thing!

This is but one of a great number of services that a good custom auto interior specialist can perform for you.

Inexpensive Custom Auto Accessories

There is a big market out there and a thousand and one ways to reach out to them. But where does one start? Short of coming out with an expensive billboard that might not give you the immediate results, what other options are there?

One of the easiest ways to build your consumer base is to have your brand seen in public places and transportation such as buses, trains, and cabs is through inexpensive custom auto accessories like bumper stickers and decals. Many guerrilla marketers and small independent brands working with limited budgets have found success with these cheap promotional items, which have become trustworthy marketing materials. Another way to reach out to an audience that is always on the move is through accessories like shades, door signs, license plate holders, and antenna balls. Diminutive they may be, but these custom auto accessories are the kind of objects that will get your brand seen not just by your recipients but every commuter they pass.

It also helps to get your logo in the hands of the people you want to reach. Some pocket-friendly accessories like plastic and metal key chains are inexpensive ways to be seen up close. Unlike other custom auto accessories like shades, door signs, stickers, and decals that offer fleeting images, getting your logo in the line of vision of your market will help you build stronger brand recall. For a more specific audience like auto enthusiasts, accessories like flashlights, toolkits and safety products are good ways to be around. Car dealers, gasoline stations, and automotive repair shops can promote their services through custom auto accessories like promotional tire pressures, utility kits, Swiss army knives, air fresheners, and car care sets.

For other practical giveaways that will people will use over and over, travel mugs and CD holders are useful gifts that will give you much logo exposure. These are more expensive than most auto accessories, and are highly recommended corporate gifts for regular clients.

So keep your promotion on high speed. There’s a wide range of auto accessories you can add your logo to.