Considering The Fine Details Involved With Custom Auto Interiors

When one thinks about custom auto interiors, one generally sees a big picture. The car seats are red and the stereo is iPod comparable. But there is much more to consider.

Generally when custom auto interiors are being done, they are for a special reason. Generally it is a high end car or an older classic. These cars already have a character all their own, and you want that to flow into the car.

The basic lines used on the exterior can easily find their way into the lines of the inside. Take a look at your current door panel. Really look at it. There are different textures, and patterns just on that one door panel. You want everything to flow within the car, each seat is its own, and yet, it is all one interior. Seat belts can be switched out to a color that now matches. Don’t forget the visors and nobs.

Every button, every switch has to be picked out and thought over. Now, there is a lot to be said for keeping the integrity of the car. You find with older car enthusiasts, that it is about making the car to the peak of what it once was. So in that instance many of those little decisions are made for you. You want the radio nobs and the door handles to be as they were when the car came off the assembly line.

For newer cars, the decisions can reach the outlandish. You can get TV screens put in the backs of the front seats so the little ones can watch TV while we ride. You can also get it set up so that each TV is different, Sally can be watching Tinker Bell while Bobby is watching GI Joe. And don’t think they are going to have volume wars. Each TV can be hooked up to it’s own head set so they can listen as they like and you can still ride in silence.

No mater what you are thinking of where custom auto interiors are concerned, there will be plenty of details you forgot along the way. But don’t worry, those types of things are what make these sorts of projects fun.