Custom Auto Interior – 3 Reasons to Consider Floorboard Re-Carpeting & Repair

Having your car’s floorboards re-carpeted is a moderate to large custom auto interior project, and one that you may want to consider having done, even before you undertake some other, more cosmetic projects. There are three primary reasons for having your car’s floorboards re-carpeted, and we’ll cover them in brief, below:

1 – To scout for and repair floorboard damage. Let’s face it, the parts of your car hidden beneath carpet are parts that are rarely seen, and this presents a rare opportunity to observe the condition of the metal beneath the carpet. A good custom auto interior specialist will not simply replace your carpet, but inform you of structural damage and repair that for you as well! This is especially important if you’ve bought the vehicle used, and are unaware of its history.

2 – If you’re restoring a classic car and want to return it to like-new condition. A great many classic cars have badly rusted floorboards. Undertaking this project not only reveals them so they can be repaired, but greatly enhances both the value and the overall soundness of your vehicle!

3 – Custom Auto Interior enthusiasts will definitely want to incorporate re-carpeting as part of an overall push toward remaking all the interior spaces of the vehicle, so for them, it would be on the “must have” list!

Unless you’re having work done on a car you’re very familiar with, or something like a kit car, you’re probably going to want to have those carpets replaced (or at least taken up) as part of a general sounding of the vehicle to check for underlying damage. And, if you’re doing a restoration or a general refurbishment, then a carpet replacement (sans floorboard repairs) can be a fairly inexpensive addition to your overall plan.

This is but one of a great number of services that a good custom auto interior specialist can perform for you.