Custom Auto Upholstery – 3 Reasons to Repair Or Replace Seat Coverings

Oftentimes, when you get a rip or tear in the seat of your car, your first impulse is to simply “patch and go.” This can work in a pinch, but you’re not doing you or your car any favors. Below are three compelling reasons you should opt to have the seat properly repaired instead.

1 – The seat will be more prone to further damage. Once the material has been weakened in the region you apply the patch to, you’re more likely to see further stress and damage on that same area. Then you’ll be playing the game of “patch and go” on a fairly regular basis, when you could have simply opted to fix the problem right the first time. Several rounds of patching may end up costing you more (if not in money, then certainly in wasted time and aggravation) than simply having the damage repaired properly.

2 – If you do it yourself, the quality and workmanship likely won’t be on the same level that a professional in the custom auto upholstery business could do, and if you’re going to go to the time and trouble to have something fixed, then you may as well get the best repair job you can.

3 – Most importantly, you can use the damage as an opportunity to fundamentally improve the car. A good custom auto upholstery specialist will either replace the entire damaged section for you, or (after analyzing the damage and conferring with you) recommend replacing the entire cover. This is a more involved project, but in the end, you’ll wind up with a better-than-new product. Many specialists will actually have you come back into the shop for “seat fittings” to make sure that the newly repaired/replaced seats are properly padded and give you a comfortable ride!

Sometimes, of course, it is necessary to do a quick “patch and go” job on a damaged seat, but whenever possible, you should have the damaged area repaired properly, and by a talented custom auto upholstery specialist, who will ensure that the repairs are complete, and done to the highest possible standard.