Custom Auto Upholstery – Boat Covers? Really?

If you’re one of those people for whom a car is much more than simply a means of conveyance, then you probably have a car cover. But do you give your boat the same consideration? Unlike car covers, which can be ordered for nearly any make and model, boat covers aren’t as easy to find, and if you’re in the market for one, to protect your investment, your custom auto upholstery specialist can help you.

The reasons for buying a custom boat cover are largely the same reasons you bought the cover for your car. To protect the craft both from the elements (sun, dust, ice), and from animals that may inadvertently do damage to the vehicle (cats, dogs, birds, etc). Like a car cover, a boat cover can only do its job effectively if the craft is clean before the cover goes over it, and if the cover itself is properly fitted to the craft itself.

If the cover doesn’t fit properly, then it provides inadequate protection, giving the very things you’re trying to keep out a convenient way in.

For this reason, if you’re going to invest in a boat cover, I’d recommend having one made that’s custom fitted to your particular craft. Fortunately, any auto upholstery specialist worth his salt will also work with boats and other pleasure craft, and can custom make you a cover to your boat’s exact specifications. There will be no doubt of the fit, and when you’re vehicle is not in use, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve given it the very best protection you can give it.

Custom auto upholstery need not be confined to the car only, and definitely need not be confined to just the interior. As a means of protecting your investment, a custom boat cover is an extremely cost effective investment that will keep your boat looking newer, longer. It is also only one of a great many things your custom auto upholstery specialist can do for you.