Custom Auto Upholstery – Headliner Replacement

It’s really annoying when it happens, but sooner or later, if you own an older car, you’re going to have this problem. The headliner begins to come unglued and starts to sag. When this happens, there’s really only one thing to be done. It needs to be replaced!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a job that most can do on our own in the garage. If you want it done right, you’re going to need some help.

This is the kind of thing a custom upholstery specialist sees quite a bit of, and most of them can have you on your way with a newly installed headliner in short order, and the service is generally quite reasonably priced.

Often, a question that comes up when a vehicle goes in for a headliner replacement is, “can you do my visors also?”

It’s a fair question. After all, if you’re going to have the headliner redone, and the visors are sitting up there right next to them, you may as well get them done! Besides, since we’re usually talking about older vehicles here for the most part, the material will have begun to fade some, and even if you get an exact match on the material, you’ll be able to tell the new from the aged, so most folks who do it wind up wanting to get their visors done in the same breath.

Scott Faircloth, the specialist I’ve been working with to research this and related articles, specifically wanted me to address this point in the article on headliners because it comes up so often with his clients. The answer, straight from the mouth of the expert, is yes! Visor replacement can be done in tandem with a headliner replacement, but your specialist won’t assume you want it done, so you should specifically ask for them to be re-covered!

This is but one of a great many cost effective services that a good custom auto upholstery specialist can perform for you.